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Growing up, I never dreamt I'd become an artist but here I am. 

 I grew up in St. Louis and had your traditional Midwest upbringing. Several childhood memories really stick out and I am sure they have led me on the path to where I am today.  

The first is kneeling in the pews in church, gently touching the fur coats of ladies that were in front of me. TACTILE

The second is my mom's rusty gold sweater. COLOR.  

The third is a family trip to the St. Louis Art Museum. I believe it was a Rembrant exhibition we were going to see. My oldest sister Dola led the expedition. We waited outside for what seemed like hours. Once inside, all I remember is the velvet rope as that the only thing I could see. I think I was about five. The warmth of being inside, the noise of the crowd and the excitement of the evening of seeing something special sticks with me to this day. So much so that during a trip to Paris, my wife and I saw a line forming in front of a building.  We got in the line and saw the most wonderful dual exhibit of Matisse and Picasso. EMOTION.  

Fourth. During the summer, St. Louis had many public school yards open with the recreation department on hand staffing activities in sports and arts and crafts. CREATIVITY.  

Finally, along with checking out books at the public library, we would also check out art work. Obviously they were reproductions, but having them in our house taught us something. ART APPRECIATION

I live in New Orleans now. You can't live here without being influenced by the rich culture and history of the city. From Newcomb Pottery to cemeteries, from our cuisine to Mardi Gras, the joie de vivre of New Orleans is reflected in the art and the art of living. We take a catastrophe or two, live through it, move on and allow those events to influence our art. We don't back down we celebrate. My work is in the tradition of decorative arts. I prefer to see the beauty in objects and that is reflected in each piece I create.